Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Addition to the Homestead

Our little homestead keeps growing and growing. This time we are adding another person. Eric and I are having a baby at the end of July! We are so excited to share our life with the little one. We are really looking forward to making baby food, growing more food, and teaching our child to garden, hike, and raise animals.

This picture is how we annouced the baby to our families.


  1. Congratulations Moriah and Eric! I LOVE the very clever picture of how you announced your pregnancy! You may not remember me, Moriah, but my name is Cindy and I met you at Faith Lutheran Church. I came across your blog on Ravelry when I was browsing knitting groups. I hope your pregnancy is going well. Take care!

  2. That is a very interesting and unique way to announce the news! Congratulations!