Sunday, June 10, 2012

Garden Herbs

My goal this summer is to use more of the herbs from my garden and CSA share. I was told that lemon balm can spread very easily.... so lemon balm is the first to be harvested.

After a few online searches, I can across a really basic recipe. We have a indoor Meyer lemon tree. The lemons are sweeter than a traditional lemon, but I had so many lemons to use before they spoiled. I tweaked the original recipe by using bottled lemon juice and using the Meyer Lemons for peels in the syrup and garnish.

A Meyer lemon tree is easy to grow. We have our next to a sunny window and occasionally spray it with mist for a humid environment during our winter months. We get about 6 lemons per year. But the best part of growing the lemon tree is the smell of blossoms throughout our dining room.