Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly CSA Box and Meal Plan #2

Another great week!  Here is what is in our CSA Box and the recipes I plan to use with the box contents and stuff from my own garden. We are going camping and then on a week long vacation, so I might end up freezing some things too.

Box Contents:
Asian Greens
Swiss Chard
Head of Lettuce

Weekly Meal Plan:
Pasta bake with a vegi salad with Sage Dressing
Potato Pancakes with Kale
Grilled Steak, garlic scapes, and swiss chard
Parmesan-Chive Popovers
Vegi Stir Fry
Spinach Omelets

Still looking for a Swiss Chard Recipe.  Any suggestions?  I'm not a fan of swiss chard, so I need something to cover up the "beet" flavor.  Also, my chives are spreading like weeds in my garden.  Any recipe ideas that use a lot chives?


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  2. So Happy to find you, Moriah! I am starting a work share and need some recipes, as well. I have enjoyed using sesame oil to make a lot of stir fries. The trick to swiss chard and beet greens, at least for me is RINSING. A bit of dirt is gritty! Sesame oil introduces a nice flavor and then I add a bit of garlic scapes and salt. Chopping extra greens is a good way to use them up, too.
    How about using the chives in a pesto?
    I'll be using some of your ideas for sure!
    Jenny Anderson, IL