Saturday, April 16, 2011

Haircut for the Angora Rabbits

Our new Angora rabbits, Socks and Mittens, have a new look.  There are a few different ways to harvest the wool from angora rabbits.  One way is "plucking" the shedding hair.  Have you ever pulled tuffs of hair off your dog?  It is the same way for the rabbits and plucking doesn't hurt the rabbits.

This was my first time harvesting the wool, and I learned how from YouTube videos.  Plucking the hair leaves the hair longer and therefore higher quality for spinning.  I started plucking Socks, but he has a bit of an attitude.  I spent days trying to harvest his wool, but got frustrated each time.  I ended up skipping Socks and began plucking Mittens.  Mittens was soooo much different.  His hair came out easier and I could see where I plucked because his brown undercoat shown through.

Another way to harvest angora wool is cutting off the hair.  I decided to shear Socks to save a headache.  Shearing is a little more nerve-racking because one could possibly cut the skin.  I think Socks is half the size now that his hair is gone.  He doesn't look so tough now.

Mitten's brown undercoat is reveiled while plucking.

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  1. Oh, I can see where the harvesting could be a bit of a delicate process. I have two Shihtzu dogs that need haircuts twice a month and I can relate to the attitudes and not wanting to cut them accidentally. The bunnies look so fluffy.