Sunday, February 6, 2011

Learning Basic Homesteading Skills

Eric and I grew up in the generation of video games and internet communications. We did not learn the basic homesteading skills that our ancestors had learned by the time they were our age. Raising livestock, preserving food, and knitting clothing are not new skills, but those skills are new to our generation.

Learning basic homesteading skills is very important to Eric and me. If our goal is to live off the land, then we need to start teaching ourselves the skills that our ancestors had. Some skills we can learn by practicing or reading books and some skills we will learn by taking a class. Last year Eric and I learned how to preserve jam, applesauce, salsa, and tomato sauce. We are learning how to make food from scratch, such as bread, yogurt, and chicken stock. I learned how to knit and Eric learned how to hunt. We took classes at the Driftless Folk School and learned how to make cheese and butcher a deer. These new skills are just the beginning. This year we plan to learn how to spin wool and make soap.  Thankfully Eric and I love learning new things!

Mozzarella Cheese

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  1. You are so enterprising, not many people of your generation (or mine) would take on the projects you have. I will be staying tuned for your soap-making. I have made lye soap many times from pig lard and it turned out wonderfully, but I'm always on the lookout for new/old ways of making it better.